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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116525251114811312942975165*Aidan HarrisonEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)4 1North Balwyn Combined
211212459414811312947133112Trent M CarpenterEast Doncaster2018/2019B Turf (Armstrong Shield)4 1Glen Iris
397663631481131294712897*James VaianoEast Doncaster2018/2019B Turf (Armstrong Shield)3 1Burwood
491663641481131294465491Matthew VaianoEast Doncaster2018/2019Dunstan Shield6 1North Balwyn
573666221481131294298673Graeme P TurnbullEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)6 1South Camberwell
670666221481131294298770*Graeme P TurnbullEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)7 1Ashburton Willows
7697147331481131294713369Jade H BardwellEast Doncaster2018/2019B Turf (Armstrong Shield)4 1Glen Iris
8624002101481131294732162*Dylan OlleyEast Doncaster2018/2019E Turf (Cohen Shield)6 1Old Carey Cricket Club
96018179661481131294465460Rob SayerEast Doncaster2018/2019Dunstan Shield6 1North Balwyn
10581418931481131294463358Jared JordanEast Doncaster2018/2019Dunstan Shield1 1Heathmont
1154663641481131294464754Matthew VaianoEast Doncaster2018/2019Dunstan Shield4 1St Kevins OC
1253929981481131294463353James P GreenEast Doncaster2018/2019Dunstan Shield1 1Heathmont
13521000741481131294325152*Paul VasarelliEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 4 (Tobias Shield)8 1St Stephens Greythorn
14529790171481131294321952*Scott JonesEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 4 (Tobias Shield)2 1Blackburn North United
1550666331481131294323950*Clive WeltiEast Doncaster2018/2019LOC 4 (Tobias Shield)6 1Bulleen
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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