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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11066676612611312659853106*Andrew D ChristieEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield2 1Mulgrave
2102106720212611312659860102Nuwan KavindaEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield3 1St Kevins OC
310091123012611312696871100Grant AdamsEast Doncaster2017/2018LOC 3 (Lamborn Shield)2 1North Balwyn Combined
4934200581261131265985393Michael LukicEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield2 1Mulgrave
57810861811261131269687378*Joe DemariaEast Doncaster2017/2018LOC 3 (Lamborn Shield)3 1North Alphington
6751245941261131266225075Trent M CarpenterEast Doncaster2017/2018B Turf (Armstrong Shield)3 1East Malvern Tooronga
77310672021261131265985373*Nuwan KavindaEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield2 1Mulgrave
871667661261131265986071Andrew D ChristieEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield3 1St Kevins OC
9681245941261131266224668Trent M CarpenterEast Doncaster2017/2018B Turf (Armstrong Shield)2 1Deepdene Bears
10679004121261131266247067Christian SmithEast Doncaster2017/2018E Turf (Cohen Shield)6 1Surrey Hills
11668275521261131269689966Warren LyallEast Doncaster2017/2018LOC 3 (Lamborn Shield)8 1Marcellin OC
1265663641261131265986665Matthew VaianoEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield5 1Ashburton Willows
13634002101261131266226263Dylan OlleyEast Doncaster2017/2018B Turf (Armstrong Shield)6 1Canterbury
14604200581261131265985060Michael LukicEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield1 1St Kevins OC
1559663631261131266245459James VaianoEast Doncaster2017/2018E Turf (Cohen Shield)2 1Glen Iris
1655667661261131265987155Andrew D ChristieEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield6 1Canterbury
17522416341261131265987652Cameron S CrowleyEast Doncaster2017/2018Dunstan Shield7 1Surrey Hills
18525939471261131266224152Daniel DuncanEast Doncaster2017/2018B Turf (Armstrong Shield)1 1East Malvern Tooronga
19511245991261131269710751*Patrick GreenEast Doncaster2017/2018LOC 5 (Minahan Shield)8 1Mount Waverley Uniting
2050665791261131269709550*James S HooiEast Doncaster2017/2018LOC 5 (Minahan Shield)6 1Glen Waverley
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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